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Submitted on
July 16, 2011


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Yes, I know, that was a needlessly long title.  But it serves dual purposes.  I will be using this journal as a test journal for a new Typography styled skin which the focus is the text, not the graphics.  I want to achieve a magazine/poster type of look.  This is going to be an exclusive skin.  The first of several which will only be available to one lucky Deviant as part of a pointraising effort to reinstate the Super status for CSS-Babes.  I have recently been appointed the status of Super Babe, and my very first act shall be to start a pointraiser!  DA is currently having a sale on Super group subscription, meaning this is the time to get as many points together as quickly as we can.  So, my fellow babes may be contributing exclusive skins at super low prices.  We haven't hashed out all the details yet or even informed all the Babes.  
But it can't hurt to get the promo ball rolling and make you all  :iconeagerpee:  yourselves.  Thinking of you, pica-ae

eCSSercise Contest Winner
Dual purpose number two!  Big congratulations to the wonderful bradleysays for his participation in the grand opening contest for eCSSercise.  Your stamp illustrated the purpose of our group as well as entertained with cute emotes.  Great execution!  Please everyone go tell him how awesome his stampness is! :D
eCSSercise Support Stamp by bradleysays

Feature MEME
Triple dual purpose (okay, I can't count?), would be a journal MEME I saw on neurotype's most recent journal, which featured me, sort of making me need to go ahead and do it.  It's a fun little feature one where you post up faves.  Good way to show community love and fill up my journal with something other than "Lorem Ipsom, this is a test"...
"Destroying the status quo because the status is not quo. The world is a mess and I just need to rule it. "
—Dr. Horrible

  1. The first thing I faved:
    American Psycho by Dickens-Art
    (I have 89 pages of faves, this is the first from this account, I closed my old account, but many are faves from my first days on DA)
  2. Two I forgot about but still love.
    Broken Dawn by arcipello I Can Still Remember by gilad
    Both are favorite artists I had watched in my old acct.  One I just recently re-watched, the other hasn't posted since December.
  3. Three that baffle me.
    Cyborg by girltrippedMonoflagellate 301a by wickedglassminotaure by bast-86
    I am baffled at 20 faves and ZERO comments!
  4. The last four I favorited by different people.
    Grab My Eyestalk by serah53000:thumb184937668:Ulquiorras by daguerroty-pe
    I cheated on this, as my last four were DD's or someone I recently featured, I want to give random exposure here
  5. Something that should totally have a DD.
    Vincent Van Gogh fan art for Doctor Who.
  6. Six pieces by friends.
    :thumb21393219:Bamboo by Nefarious-NessOminous Seraphim by silverbane:thumb110836240:.: Will be our secret by ShyadaA shiny design by neurotype
    3 deviants I know and 3 I know in DevART
Blockquote Example
Idea behind this particular skin, it uses only one image, a simple semi-transparent white square.  The focus would be variable fonts, using  switches of font size, style and color to bring more visual depth to the character of the journal.  The magazine styled fonts juxtaposed with a hand written style Google WebFonts* that goes off the boundaries of the journal to give it the feeling of someone taking notes in the margins and side lines.

This skin was designed by GillianIvy, and I look like a kitty!
Still under construction.  I will update with info/News feature about :iconcss-babes: :points:raiser when everything's been sorted.    To go along with the magazine type of feel, instead of just  your standard thumb styling, I've added standard img src styling, with a float, either left or right, to use alternately throughout the document.  
Now available! Typography Exclusive Design by GillianIvy Journal by You - SOLD by GillianIvy

"See, Penny's giving it up, she's giving it up hard. Cause she's with Captain Hammer. And these... ...are not the hammer.
The hammer is my penis. "
— Captain Hammer

CSS-Babes Exclusive Skin Designed By GillianIvy
  • Mood: Zest
  • Reading: The Desert Spear
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Sims 3, Sims Medieval
  • Eating: brainsssss
  • Drinking: yes
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pica-ae Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
on the first two columns you should maybe add some padding in the middle. the text sticks a bit too close together :)
i like how you have the subline in the title :nod: thats pretty cool :la:

are you using… how's it called… where the text ends in blocks… :lol: no idea about the english name for that. well, might be me, but im not a big fan of that, since sometimes big gaps appear in the text.

I guess I'd also increase the line height a bit overall :B something like 2 or 3 px more :)
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Text ends in blocks? I have no idea what you mean there. The one gap is from :iconeagerpee: it sets off the line a lot. Yes, I see the padding there could use a tad more. I'll probably double it. I swear it looked different on the other computer, probably so, since I'm on Google now and had formatted it all on Mozilla. And things do not match :( booo. Some I can deal with, but my thumbs are all aligned like they're block, and I'm fairly certain I specified inline. I'll have to double check. Later though. I'm lacking sleep. I'm just CSS obsessed and have no self control.
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
did you write text-align: justify somewhere?
"The text is justified. Text should line up their left and right edges to the left and right content edges of the paragraph." I should have said it like that :lol:
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Have I put too much work into a skin I plan to donate for #CSS-Babes points.... ;P Was supposed to be simple.
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
haha, I know how you feel :stare:

actually, I considered another way to do it… I'd make a set uf simple CSS's that can be customised easily so I'll have a basic design and go like "okay, you can change the colors and the bg image and you'll get it for 400 points" so it's a bit more personal and still exclusive, while I can reuse the code :)
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm gonna do a "Your Image Here" skin as well. One that would be super easy for someone to edit. Since most users will not want to mess around with CSS and minimal HTML. I'm going to have a regular img src in the header section, format it how it should look, be positioned and then they would swap out the template image and not need to dig through code. And it would be a real simple layout, no bells or whistles. Just a clean looking design plus their header image.
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
yeah, that sounds good :nod:
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yesh, I used justify. I don't like the edges so uneven as without it. I dunno, at least for text in columns and like a book or something. Looks neater to me. Though I do not like gaps from stretching either. I wish there were a happy medium. That the edges would be neat, yet no gaps in the lines.
pica-ae Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
yeah, it's also cos the web doesnt like to seperate words :B no dashes for us :noes:

I'm usually all for evening things out :giggle: but I kinda like even spaces between words too :P
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Isn't there a wordspacing we can do? Or would wordwrap work?
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