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Maria's Page of Hope

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 7:22 PM
I've just learned that my Uncle's wife, Maria "Janie", has stage 4 ovarian cancer.  He has to take off work to help her and they are quickly going into debt as bills and living expenses are weighed down by medical and transportation costs.  My Uncle, Maurice, has started a fundraiser on GiveForward with a goal of $5,000.  If anyone can contribute or share this, please do.  They have two grown sons, Sammy and Chris.  

I've always lived far away from them, but for a short time.  I lived in Texas for about half a year where I got to know the boys and Janie.  They had meager living conditions, but they got by.  My Uncle worked as a school bus driver back then.  He's also an authorized Harley repairman and has a beard that makes him look like a ZZ Top member.  I remember Janie as being rather cheerful and friendly.  Her and Maurice and the boys have gone through a lot.  But they always managed.

She's the love of my Uncle's life.  I'm going to go through my art inventory and see if there is anything I can sell to donate money to them.  I don't have any income, so cannot help them directly.  If anyone direct me to somewhere they can possibly get help, I'd appreciate it.  

Maria's Page of Hope

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My deviantART Story

Fri Aug 8, 2014, 7:13 AM
I joined this site in 2003, it was suggested to me by my roommate and best friend, dream-dangerous (I have no idea what she did to get banned, but she was pretty snarky, I bet she pissed off the wrong person).  We're no longer friends, see snarkiness and pissing off wrong people thing.  She was a terrible friend when I think back on it.

I used to be gibberstoadzdoll, I named myself after my initials GIB and I was engaged to Toadling (<s>he no longer uses this site, so I guess it is safe to 'mention' him, lols</s>).  I retained the name for a long time, not wanting to lose all my watchers and those I was watching.  But finally, I could not stand seeing his name up there any more.

The aforementioned Dream-Dangerous introduced me to silverbane because his profile pic looked like a young Keifer Sutherland, and he is a good artist.  We were all in a coloring book club called BigFatKitty .  He and I started talking and fell into dA loves.  Nine years later and we have a seven year old son together.  dA has been a part of my life for close to a decade.

I became involved with the dA community in 2010 when Silverbane bought me my first Premium Membership for Valentine's Day.  I began to code journal skins and joined a ton of skinning groups and dArelated groups.  Before that, I would casually post my art and comment and fave things a bit and that was my extent of dA usage.  Journal skinning has given me something to contribute to the greater community and I love it.  I've learned a lot here from my peers and in turn have taught others what I know.  I have made a lot of friends on dA that I consider to be real friends.  It would be awesome to meet them in person someday.  I would love to go to a dAmeet some time, but I don't really live near anything.

So, that is my dA story.  I came here with friends, lost those friends, found true love and made new friends.  As my life evolved, so did dA, side by side.  I love you, dA!

Featured dA Friends

Night Terrors by silverbane

Space Cakes by neurotype.:Silver Swirl II by ginkgografix
Press-Down Effect Profile Menu - Template by CypherVisor

Starlight, starbright by SilverPixiGirl

Golden Spirals by TehAngelsCry

Born This Way Ball VI by bradleysays
(I still owe Bradley a digital painting!)
Silhouette Of Doom by pica-ae

I could not possibly feature everyone who has made an impact on me here on dA.  So many wonderful people who I truly consider to be friends.  We've shared jokes and never ending conversations for years.  You make me smile and sometimes even cry.  I value our friendships greatly.  Even though many of you I will never meet in person, our paths have crossed and well met.  Thank you for your kindnesses and critiques, thank you for the laughs and all the years of friendship we've had.

Love, Gillian 

Homeschool Preparedness

Sat Aug 2, 2014, 3:29 AM
Hey guys, if I am silent much, it is because I am getting homeschool ready for the kiddo.  Lots of downloading resources, printing things out and gluing them into assignments!  Snip, snip, snip.  It is kinda fun and crafty.  If you are curious what I'm up to, I'm going to try to keep my school blog up to date.  Chasing Grades (my son's name is Chase, see what I did there?).  I've just posted about the Math journal I'm working on.  Chase is in the second grade.  It would be cool to have some international penpals or e-mail buddies his age.  7-8 year olds.  So, if any of my dA friends want to have our kids be penpals, let me know.

I'm also considering getting an Android compatible tablet for homeschool time.  I've found a very reasonably priced one with some great reviews.  So app suggestions and tablet friendly sites for kids are requested.  ;D  I cruised around the Google App Store adding things to my wishlist.

I'll still check on here daily.  Even if I am not seemingly active.  I am still here, just lurking!  If you miss me, feel free to note or comment!  And I'll still be active on Facebook, though trying to wean off of it a bit.  I am an internet addict.  I must look at cat videos every day.  And auto-corrects.  And today it was the Photoshop Requests.  I've seen some of them before but they make me lol so hard.

Love you guys! Gillian

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OhMyGawd Neurotype

Sun Jul 13, 2014, 7:26 PM
Look at those soccer guys' butts.  I'm singing in my head that I like soccer butt and I cannot lie...  And it is all neurotype 's fault!  :XD:  

But then there was this...

Anyways the point of this journal

I came here to post about a fundraiser I've started for my homeschool supplies and curricula.  I'm trying to raise money to buy what I need by selling my artworks on Etsy, Miscellaneous Juxtapositions, at a discounted rate, 25% off with the code "Back2School".  Also, I am accepting donations, to which I will send out Artist Trading Cards and art print bookmarks to certain contribution levels as a thank you.  I need to raise close to $300 with all the shipping and taxes guessed in.  Because undoubtedly, I'll need multiple shipments.  We've already bought our first set of supplemental workbooks, the Star Wars Brainquest books.  And they're awesome.  You compare less than/greater than storm troopers and such.  It's pretty cool.  Like homeschool should be!

I have detailed everything in my blog Chasing Grades as well as a Supply List with things I need and want.  The wish list has a lot more that I don't really need per se.  I want Star Wars wall clings to decorate the school wall.  Maybe inspire some pew pew learning.  ;D  Those are bottom priority.  Though incentive stickers are important.  I'm thinking of making some vinyl inspirational quotes from Star Wars to put on the wall.  We have this big end roll of black vinyl and it should stick and peel off the wall okay.  And it gives me an excuse to use my cutting mat.  If it works well, I'll take pictures of the awesome ;D

Chasing Grades Fundraiser Homeschool Blog

Miscellaneous Juxtapositions Etsy Store

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Featuring Goldnretriever

Mon Jun 16, 2014, 11:01 PM by GillianIvy:icongillianivy:
Carbon Blue by goldnretrieverProcella Argentum by goldnretriever
OMG What is that? by goldnretrieverFlight by goldnretrieverTrue Heart by goldnretriever

Monochrome Meme Dark by goldnretrieverA Picture of Me by goldnretrieverMinimal Hexagons by goldnretriever

Terribly long, overdue feature is sadly very late

Since October is a long time to wait, my apologies to goldnretriever .  And now, I have waited so long, that the original contest with all the entries is no longer available to be browsed, as miontre had closed his account some time ago and there no longer is access.  If memory serves me correctly, Goldn won in the design challenge portion of the Artsy Journal contest.  The goal of the contest was to take inspiration from an artwork (not copying or using it), but to make a design which may be themed or somehow reminiscent of the inspiring image.  Shades of Azure is Goldnretriever's design, which was inspired by Lake in Squares by incredi .

Shades of Azure

Shades of Azure Journal Skin by goldnretriever

more from Goldn

deviantART Does Not Sell Art to Third PartiesAlright... I'm kinda seeing a certain issue rise up and whatnot, so I suppose it's best that I give you my two cents on this topic.
Why This Came Up
I'm guessing sometime today, a comment on rismo's work My Neighbor Jake (which earned a Daily Deviation a while ago). The comment leads to this Hot Topic website, where they advertise a product containing the artist's work.
Of course, I wouldn't have noticed this myself. It got diffused via a post on Tumblr, a blogging website. You can find the post here. Basically, the post claims that deviantART was responsible for this, stating that rismo's a
PE: Contest Rules and EtiquetteOkay... we all know that to be seen on deviantART, one has to have some kind of "artistic marketing" of sorts. However, you can't just walk up to a person's profile and advertise yourself in the comments. That's rude and it's against the website's rules.
Note: The website actually does offer advertising on people's profile pages. You buy them and they'll appear to whomever doesn't have Premium Membership with Ad toggled off.
So how do you go about advertising yourself? There are many popular ways to be seen on deviantART without a direct "ad". Some include activity in the forums, the dAmn (chats), and joining groups. Another way people get attention is through a contest. These are effective and really do get quite the attention.
Contests have become more and more popular to a degree that they actually become viewed 1,000 times. Because they are so frequently visited, it can potentially become featured in the bottom of deviantART page (where the Daily Deviations happe

Terms and Conditions AgreementTERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT
Dear reader,
This Agreement is made between You ("The deviant Visitor") and Gold N Retriever ("Page Owner"). As such, I kindly ask to read the following Terms of Use go get a good idea of what is expected from you while you're visiting.
This Agreement is not a legal document nor is it written in second-person perspective. However, you should still carefully read and agree with it before messing around with me. x3
First and foremost! I draw for my own pleasure. I very rarely draw because someone told me so. If I make a gift for someone, it's because they were special to me in some way and I felt like paying back with some art. If I start drawing when people tell me so, I won't enjoy drawing anymore. It'll become more of a job. I want drawing to be my hobby and distraction.
I am a Community Volunteer of My Page. How does that make any sense? Well... I have a crowd of watchers looking at my every post. Naturally, in exch

:icongoldnretriever: About Goldnretriever

goldnretriever is an artist who enjoys drawing MLP characters and OCs as well as designing journal skins.  He has done several commissions and may be available for more.  He is the founder of Bronyland and has contributed to projecteducate articles.

Thank you for your quiet patience as I took forever in doing this.  You have been kind and friendly, and I've saved your last conversation with me in my inbox all this time as a daily reminder of my procrastination.  I feel badly for having let it go so long.

Thank You!

Previous Feature - Celvas 

Featuring CelvasA hearty congratulations goes out to the talented Celvas for her winning CSS journal skin in miontre's contest.
The idea of the contest was to find an artwork that inspired you to create a journal skin.  There were two categories, coded and design only.  Celvas won for her coded skin which really embodied the inspiration piece.  That Girl With the Flower  Check the live view of that skin to see it in action, it is an incredible skin.



Read more Six Word Stories in Celvas' gallery.  I enjoy the Last Words series.  She has several short stories and lits as well.  I

H.R. Giger

Tue May 13, 2014, 4:36 AM

Rest in Peace H. R. Giger.  

As many of you may already be aware, the legendary artist, H. R. Giger has died at the age of 74 due to a fall in his museum in Switzerland.  I am saddened to hear of his passing, I always found his work to be an inspiration with its dark and erotically bizarre beauty.  One of my first exposures to Giger (outside of Aliens, which I didn't watch as a kid) was actually in a school textbook, which I was shocked to realize that the image depicted an act of felatio hidden with the ultra tech organic forms.  I had a strong interest in airbrush then and loved how the curves and shapes were shaded in his works.  The organic shapes juxtaposed with machinery.  The fuel for imagination.

I'd like to say farewell to Mr. Giger.  As an artist, I would feel it would be paramount cummulation of a lifetime of achievements to live to an old age as he and meet my death in my own museum.  I cannot imagine being as great an artist as he was.  His work, forever immortalized in film, museums, and on the skin of generations of admirers.  Goodbye H. R. Giger.

H. R. Giger by ViolentReverie

kakao 322 Xenomorph by LennyleinH. R. Giger by AlexKusteralien. by i-hate-mushroomz

Browse more Giger-inspired art

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Audioblog Survey

Wed Feb 5, 2014, 12:59 PM
:icontehangelscry: tagged me forever ago and I've just done this now.  But a twist, as an audioblog.  Maybe makes these surveys sound a little more personal?  It would be fun to conduct an interview this way.  But best as something back and forth.  Ask a question, then the interviewee answers via SoundCloud.  Then you respond with asking another question in relation to their answer.  Makes it feel more like a live interview?  

I think of things like fun projects all the time, but never really follow through with them.  I'm full of clever ideas, but haven't done anything with them.  Well, I give anyone permission to take an idea I've thrown out there and do it.  Just Mention me so I can see!

I'm not sure I like my regular voice in a recording.  I used to do a very sexy phone voice.  I was a manager of a video store and the other managers would call me up to ask me things just to hear me talk to them.  I'd leave a sexy message for my customers telling them that they have an overdue movie.  Maybe next time I'll try to talk in my sexy phone voice.  I haven't done it in years, though, not been in customer service for a long time.  So don't really answer, or use a phone much any more.  When I talk to my Mom or my sister, I hear myself sounding like them afterwards.  Egads, I think I sound like my Mom!  Must get sexy phone voice back!

Let's see if it's finished loading so I can embed it here yet...

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Hi to Natalie - Song - Mother

Tue Feb 4, 2014, 1:12 PM
This is in response to TehAngelsCry calling me out to say Hello on deviantART.  So, here is an audio recording of just that.  And I decided to sing as well.  Woot.  

This is so very kewl that we can embed these.  I'm very psyched about it.  A little nervous, if you can't tell by all the times I say "uh"...    Odd that it makes me feel more comfortable to sing than to just ramble on, but whatever.  I have a very raw style, which always surprises people because it is such a contrast to my voice.  It is so weird to hear my voice in a recording.  Maybe next time, I'll write up a script for myself to record an actual blog that has something to say.

Hope my Mom doesn't follow my SoundCloud, lols.  Well, she understands I do not begrudge her for our financial hardships and we stuck together through those times.  If I were not there for her, she said she wasn't sure she would have made it.  So I was her strength.  I love you, Mom!  ;)

This greeting was in response to:


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Cary's Flowers

Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:31 AM
My friend, Cary, has started an Indiegogo Campaign to raise the money she needs to finalize the fees for her Doctorate in Education degree.  She needs an Editor to sign off on her dissertation and she needs the money for the graduation fees.  She has come all this way.  Her focus is working with children and families with autism.  She has job opportunities waiting for her to finish her degree.  But she needs help to reach her goal.

Cary's husband was diagnosed with Stage 1 congestive heart failure, so she is home taking care of him and their 4 children.  She has been working hard in her studies and is almost there.  Her final defense is scheduled for February 20th, before then, she needs to raise $5000 to cover the costs of the school approved Editor's fees and her graduation.

She is offering several beaded works as perks for contributions.  She makes beautifully crafted beaded flowers and Tree of Life pendants.

If you cannot make a contribution, please share this journal to spread the word so she can make her deadline.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this.

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Stormy Weather

Thu Nov 21, 2013, 6:55 AM
Hi, I'm back!  I've been without electric for 4 days, since storms blew through on Sunday.  There were tornadoes in my area, but we were safe and well.  Just a tree on the line and the pole with the transformer snapped.  Was all fixed at 1-2am this morning.  I'll be on later to check my messages.  For now I have cleaning and stuff to do, since we had no running water either.

Much loves!


Featuring Celvas

Tue Oct 15, 2013, 3:21 AM by GillianIvy:icongillianivy:

A hearty congratulations goes out to the talented Celvas for her winning CSS journal skin in miontre's contest.

The idea of the contest was to find an artwork that inspired you to create a journal skin.  There were two categories, coded and design only.  Celvas won for her coded skin which really embodied the inspiration piece.  That Girl With the Flower  Check the live view of that skin to see it in action, it is an incredible skin.


Dragon Age: Styles - The Grey Wardens by CelvasA Cream and Black Journal Skin by Celvas
<da:thumb id="383323299"/> LifeA carpark dotted with empty lots.
Read more Six Word Stories in Celvas' gallery.  I enjoy the Last Words series.  She has several short stories and lits as well.  I met Celvas through her recent activity amongst the CSS community.  Her skins are distinctive with many options for subheaders and custom boxes.  They caught my eye instantly.  I was not surprised to see her win this contest.

:iconcelvas: Celvas is a Co-Founder of :icondacompliments:

There are a few articles in her journal with collections of compliments.  If you haven't heard of dACompliments, I would recommend checking them out.  You can submit a compliment anonymously or add your name if you like.  With the new mentions system, if you add your name, you will be notified when your compliment was posted.  If you've received a compliment, I hope it made your day.
dA Compliments: Tickets by CelvasI, writer of Compliments Stamp by Celvas

Featured Journal Skin

I love the colors and the sleek layout of this design.  And to think, it is inspired by a pen!  I want one of those pens :D  It is a versatile skin, excellent for features as well as a regular journal post.  And the elegant graphics for the footer menu really set this skin apart. 
Raspberry Smooth Journal Skin by Celvas

Next feature - goldnretriever

 For winning first place in the Design category.  I'll try to post soon ;D

If I am Slow

Fri Aug 23, 2013, 4:17 AM
If I have been slow to respond to anything lately, it is because I am homeschoolling my first grade son and have been putting all my attention there.  Other goings ons, my Mom is in the hospital with rectal bleeding :paranoid:, it might be a bleeding hemorrhoid.  My wrist is still hurty and it's been 2 months.  No, I didn't go to the doctor, I kinda procrastinated.  I know better.  I think it may have healed wrong or I am just a slow healer.  

I'll still be checking in daily, just not as back and forth commenty.  My commission status is still closed until further notice.  I still have a big painting I need to divvy up my time between that and homework.  It was supposed to be done already but then I hurt myself.  :stare:

miontre  I'll still be judging your contest, no worries there ;D  Anyone who needs to contact me, notes are priority, then comments.  

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Vote for Lady in Brocade

Tue Jul 9, 2013, 9:54 AM Calibration kit sampler pack voting has begun!

My artwork, "Lady in Brocade" has been chosen as a finalist for the Calibration kit paper sampler pack that gives out to all their new customers.  Eight finalists will be chosen to be printed in this year's kit.  They have a contest every year.  Last year, my illustration "Das Faerie Gotik" was one of the top eight images.  Voting is either by e-mail or on Facebook.  To vote, simply "like" my artwork on their Facebook page.  You can vote on more than one image, I recommend picking your eight favorite picks.
Lady in Brocade by GillianIvy


I have been using since 2010, it was recommended to me by another Etsy user and I love their service. Their quality and pricing is excellent, but it is their customer service that sets them apart.  They also have an affiliate program called Ambassadors.  Basically, you refer customers and get rewarded, also the new customer is rewarded.  If you would like a referral link, send me a note and I will note it to you.  Otherwise, you can add my name "GillianIvy" or as "Gillian Brown" as your referral.  It should credit to me.
Their company is a family owned business.  Sara Campos Saak is the co-owner of the company, and in all my dealings with their business, she has personally assisted me.  I find customer service online to be rare.  I don't normally harp about some business, but I truly recommend this company.

Calibration Kit Contest

Every year, eight artworks by's customers in their Ambassador program are chosen to represent the quality of their prints.  This year, my artwork is one out of the 26 images chosen from over 150 entries.  I'm honored to have been picked.  Especially for the second year in a row.  They have a lot of artists and photographers that use their services and in return, they promote their customers, featuring artists on their site as well as providing resources and tutorials and information about art shows.
The winners of their calibration contest will have their image printed and displayed at their on-site gallery.  I was unable to attend the show last year, but I was very honored that my art was displayed.  I wouldn't likely be able to attend this year either.
View the complete album of all this year's contestants on Facebook to pick your top 8 choices.  Don't forget to vote for mine ;D 

Voting will be open Tuesday, July 9th through 10am EST on Monday, July 22nd.

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Notes for Jo (Reminder)

Sun Jun 30, 2013, 6:53 PM

Update July 20th, 2013


Reminder get your notes in by the 23rd!  Tea will be printing all the Notes for Jo on the 23rd and sending a package on the 24th.

:iconjamminjo:  It has been a long time since anyone has had contact from our dear JamminJo.  There has been a discussion in the backroom of DevNews trying to see if anyone has heard from her.  But unfortunately, no one has been able to contact her yet.  TeaPhotography will be sending her a snail mail.  And she is willing to collect notes to print out to be included.

Please send TeaPhotography a note with the subject "Notes for Jo" (cut off date July 21st 23rd).  Refrain from comments like "get well soon" as we do not know her health and it may not be appropriate for the situation.  If you just want to say some kind words and let Jo know she is loved and missed on deviantART.

Thank you,


Update from Zev!

The project will still continue as planned.  Please still refrain from using comments such as "Get well soon" as we do not know the severity of her situation or whether or not those statements would be insensitive.  Though I am sure she would not mind.  The details of her health are private, I am just glad she is alive and planning to come back to us as soon as she is able.  
Much love to everyone!

Winners of the Thumb Contest....

Thu Jun 20, 2013, 3:07 PM

A hearty congratulations to

Runners up, im-not-sana and CypherVisor for their wonderful contributions to the thumb snippets.
Thumb Snippet Entry - All Extruded by CypherVisorCircular Lit and Visual Thumb Snippet by im-not-sana

First Place Winner

It was tough judging this contest, thankfully I was not alone.  Thank you's to neurotype and miontre for judging.  You've both been a big help through out the contest.  Despite our different tastes, our hands down winner was SimplySilent with this wonderful thumb snippet:
Simple and Clean Thumbs Snippet by SimplySilent
It is a clean and versatile design that would easily fit into any journal.  The hovers are subtle but effective, transparent padding with a thin outline and shadow really make the images pop without distracting from the image itself.

Every entry in this contest was beyond superb.  Thank you everyone who entered.  And an even bigger thank you to those who contributed to the prize pool!  


Forgotten Memories Journal CSS by SimplySilentSnow Days Journal CSS by SimplySilentSimplicity Journal Skin CSS by SimplySilentSimply Blue Journal CSS by SimplySilent
Dream Cloud Skin v.2 by im-not-sanaJournal Skin Design Template by im-not-sanaLindsey Way Skin by im-not-sana
Elegantic Gallery Skin by CypherVisorMovember Journal Skin by CypherVisore-CARBON Journal CSS Final by CypherVisor

View all of the Entries here:

Prizes will be handed out soon, I will contact all the prize givers


Fri Jun 14, 2013, 5:42 PM
Branch by Branch by Dawns-Envy

the burn pile by savannahlorraine

TwisTed by genr

wrist hurts in color by beckycloonan

In other words....  I threw branches into a pile and twisted my wrist and now it hurts.

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?

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Happy Birthday SilverPixiGirl

Sun May 26, 2013, 2:05 AM
It's SilverPixiGirl's birthday (she's 113 years old :iconshakecaneplz:).  Please wish her a happy birthday!!!!  Please shower her with sparkles, fluffy things, Star Trek and Doctor Who.

Happy birthday!!!!!


Thumb Snippet Entries

Sat May 18, 2013, 10:23 PM

Thumb Snippet Contest

This contest is for beginning coders and pro's alike.  I will provide your asset, an installable thumb snippet blank.  The code will have standard thumb/big thumb, small thumbs, cancel thumb, lit thumbs, embedded deviation, embedded lit, and embedded video.  You do not have to code all of them.

Add backgrounds, borders, curves, hovers, fancy, minimalistic...  Anything you'd like.  You must upload your snippet as an installable skin deviantART Related / deviantART Skins & Scripts / Journal & Gallery Skins / Installable Journal Skins  free for all to use.  Then (submit to favorites folder???) note GillianIvy or reply on this post the link to your entry.  All entries must be created after the date of this contest.  Deadline is May 30th.

Examples Codes

The following examples are a guideline to show what you can do.  You are not limited to these.  I've written them out to be an easy reference for newbie coders so they can follow the proper syntax.  property:variable; Everything must be written in lowercase, otherwise it will not validate.  You must separate the property from the variables with ":" and end each variable with ";".  If you have mutliple variables in one property, they must be separated by ",".  The order of variables as in the padding and margin examples is clockwise: top, right, bottom, left.

    Basic properties

  • border:#ffffff 1px solid;
  • background:#ffffff url(img.jog);
  • padding:4px 4px 4px 4px;
  • margin:4px 4px 4px 4px;
  • vertical-align:middle;

Adding a Hover

To add a hover, simply write the div name where you want the hover and follow with ":hover".
The goal of this contest is to make all the variations of codes pertaining to images, deviations and videos be standardized.  I will keep the blank snippet as a resource after the contest is finished and will update it as changes to deviantART's thumb codes are found.

Assets & Resources

You can use any stock/resources you like in this, however you must be within stock provider's guidelines for contest use.  You may use the gradient generator for background colors.  Please provide a link to it if you have.  

CSS Snippet

What is included: Standard thumb code (which works for big thumbs), small thumbs, cancel thumb style, lit thumbs, embedded deviation, embedded lit and embedded video style.
Multi Thumbstyles CSS Template by GillianIvy

Recommended Resources



  • First Place - 800 :points: - GillianIvy + 253 :points: pending (donation pool)
All winners will receive Journal Features from eschlehahn Journal Features + :iconllama1plz: from WDWParksGal, Feature in Monthly Winners Journal + :iconllama1plz: + Gallery inclusion +  (via CGPoints ) from ContestsAndGiveaways and Journal Features from lintu47.
Donation Pool
  • 253 :points: (donations via premium contents are anonymous, or donate via donation pool)

(Extended) Deadline  June 13th, 2013

Submit to this Gallery Installable Journal Skins


All entries must be received as an installable skin.  This way users can quickly use your thumb snippet to customize their own journals.  If you give permission for others to include in their journal designs, notate in your artist's comments.  You do not have to install the Asset,which has all the alternate code options.
Thanks for reading, good luck to all participants and check out the new group CSS-DYK for CSS tips and tricks!

Snippet tip: You can code all the styles to match each other in one code.  Write your divs all in a tiered line, separating them by a comma.  CSS-DYK: Tiered Classes
.shadow-holder, .embedded-deviation, iframe, .daembed{
border:#ffffff 1px solid;

The Sweetest Thing!

Wed May 1, 2013, 5:50 AM
Thank you TehAngelsCry for the nomination!  I'm gushing.  And thank you LadyLincoln for holding such a wonderful community award for Sweetest Deviant.  I'm honored to be nominated :D  I love you guys!  I was selected as a runner up, grats to Endorell-Taelos for being the Sweetest Deviant of 2013!

So-sweet-award by mirz-alt
 :iconso-sweet-plz::iconmirz-alt:  mirz-alt made these wonderful award badges.  Thank you, Mirz!!!

Feature Love

Vampire Princess by mirz-alt

Celestial Teaparty by TehAngelsCry

Who will be there to catch me when I fall? by Endorell-Taelos

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