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Hi to Natalie - Song - Mother

Tue Feb 4, 2014, 1:12 PM
This is in response to TehAngelsCry calling me out to say Hello on deviantART.  So, here is an audio recording of just that.  And I decided to sing as well.  Woot.  

This is so very kewl that we can embed these.  I'm very psyched about it.  A little nervous, if you can't tell by all the times I say "uh"...    Odd that it makes me feel more comfortable to sing than to just ramble on, but whatever.  I have a very raw style, which always surprises people because it is such a contrast to my voice.  It is so weird to hear my voice in a recording.  Maybe next time, I'll write up a script for myself to record an actual blog that has something to say.

Hope my Mom doesn't follow my SoundCloud, lols.  Well, she understands I do not begrudge her for our financial hardships and we stuck together through those times.  If I were not there for her, she said she wasn't sure she would have made it.  So I was her strength.  I love you, Mom!  ;)

This greeting was in response to:


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Cary's Flowers

Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:31 AM
My friend, Cary, has started an Indiegogo Campaign to raise the money she needs to finalize the fees for her Doctorate in Education degree.  She needs an Editor to sign off on her dissertation and she needs the money for the graduation fees.  She has come all this way.  Her focus is working with children and families with autism.  She has job opportunities waiting for her to finish her degree.  But she needs help to reach her goal.

Cary's husband was diagnosed with Stage 1 congestive heart failure, so she is home taking care of him and their 4 children.  She has been working hard in her studies and is almost there.  Her final defense is scheduled for February 20th, before then, she needs to raise $5000 to cover the costs of the school approved Editor's fees and her graduation.

She is offering several beaded works as perks for contributions.  She makes beautifully crafted beaded flowers and Tree of Life pendants.

If you cannot make a contribution, please share this journal to spread the word so she can make her deadline.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this.

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Stormy Weather

Thu Nov 21, 2013, 6:55 AM
Hi, I'm back!  I've been without electric for 4 days, since storms blew through on Sunday.  There were tornadoes in my area, but we were safe and well.  Just a tree on the line and the pole with the transformer snapped.  Was all fixed at 1-2am this morning.  I'll be on later to check my messages.  For now I have cleaning and stuff to do, since we had no running water either.

Much loves!


Featuring Celvas

Tue Oct 15, 2013, 3:21 AM by GillianIvy:icongillianivy:

A hearty congratulations goes out to the talented Celvas for her winning CSS journal skin in miontre's contest.

The idea of the contest was to find an artwork that inspired you to create a journal skin.  There were two categories, coded and design only.  Celvas won for her coded skin which really embodied the inspiration piece.  That Girl With the Flower  Check the live view of that skin to see it in action, it is an incredible skin.


Dragon Age: Styles - The Grey Wardens by CelvasA Cream and Black Journal Skin by Celvas
Read more Six Word Stories in Celvas' gallery.  I enjoy the Last Words series.  She has several short stories and lits as well.  I met Celvas through her recent activity amongst the CSS community.  Her skins are distinctive with many options for subheaders and custom boxes.  They caught my eye instantly.  I was not surprised to see her win this contest.

:iconcelvas: Celvas is a Co-Founder of :icondacompliments:

There are a few articles in her journal with collections of compliments.  If you haven't heard of dACompliments, I would recommend checking them out.  You can submit a compliment anonymously or add your name if you like.  With the new mentions system, if you add your name, you will be notified when your compliment was posted.  If you've received a compliment, I hope it made your day.
dA Compliments: Tickets by CelvasI, writer of Compliments Stamp by Celvas

Featured Journal Skin

I love the colors and the sleek layout of this design.  And to think, it is inspired by a pen!  I want one of those pens :D  It is a versatile skin, excellent for features as well as a regular journal post.  And the elegant graphics for the footer menu really set this skin apart. 
Raspberry Smooth Journal Skin by Celvas

Next feature - goldnretriever

 For winning first place in the Design category.  I'll try to post soon ;D

If I am Slow

Fri Aug 23, 2013, 4:17 AM
If I have been slow to respond to anything lately, it is because I am homeschoolling my first grade son and have been putting all my attention there.  Other goings ons, my Mom is in the hospital with rectal bleeding :paranoid:, it might be a bleeding hemorrhoid.  My wrist is still hurty and it's been 2 months.  No, I didn't go to the doctor, I kinda procrastinated.  I know better.  I think it may have healed wrong or I am just a slow healer.  

I'll still be checking in daily, just not as back and forth commenty.  My commission status is still closed until further notice.  I still have a big painting I need to divvy up my time between that and homework.  It was supposed to be done already but then I hurt myself.  :stare:

miontre  I'll still be judging your contest, no worries there ;D  Anyone who needs to contact me, notes are priority, then comments.  

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Vote for Lady in Brocade

Tue Jul 9, 2013, 9:54 AM Calibration kit sampler pack voting has begun!

My artwork, "Lady in Brocade" has been chosen as a finalist for the Calibration kit paper sampler pack that gives out to all their new customers.  Eight finalists will be chosen to be printed in this year's kit.  They have a contest every year.  Last year, my illustration "Das Faerie Gotik" was one of the top eight images.  Voting is either by e-mail or on Facebook.  To vote, simply "like" my artwork on their Facebook page.  You can vote on more than one image, I recommend picking your eight favorite picks.
Lady in Brocade by GillianIvy


I have been using since 2010, it was recommended to me by another Etsy user and I love their service. Their quality and pricing is excellent, but it is their customer service that sets them apart.  They also have an affiliate program called Ambassadors.  Basically, you refer customers and get rewarded, also the new customer is rewarded.  If you would like a referral link, send me a note and I will note it to you.  Otherwise, you can add my name "GillianIvy" or as "Gillian Brown" as your referral.  It should credit to me.
Their company is a family owned business.  Sara Campos Saak is the co-owner of the company, and in all my dealings with their business, she has personally assisted me.  I find customer service online to be rare.  I don't normally harp about some business, but I truly recommend this company.

Calibration Kit Contest

Every year, eight artworks by's customers in their Ambassador program are chosen to represent the quality of their prints.  This year, my artwork is one out of the 26 images chosen from over 150 entries.  I'm honored to have been picked.  Especially for the second year in a row.  They have a lot of artists and photographers that use their services and in return, they promote their customers, featuring artists on their site as well as providing resources and tutorials and information about art shows.
The winners of their calibration contest will have their image printed and displayed at their on-site gallery.  I was unable to attend the show last year, but I was very honored that my art was displayed.  I wouldn't likely be able to attend this year either.
View the complete album of all this year's contestants on Facebook to pick your top 8 choices.  Don't forget to vote for mine ;D 

Voting will be open Tuesday, July 9th through 10am EST on Monday, July 22nd.

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Notes for Jo (Reminder)

Sun Jun 30, 2013, 6:53 PM

Update July 20th, 2013


Reminder get your notes in by the 23rd!  Tea will be printing all the Notes for Jo on the 23rd and sending a package on the 24th.

:iconjamminjo:  It has been a long time since anyone has had contact from our dear JamminJo.  There has been a discussion in the backroom of DevNews trying to see if anyone has heard from her.  But unfortunately, no one has been able to contact her yet.  TeaPhotography will be sending her a snail mail.  And she is willing to collect notes to print out to be included.

Please send TeaPhotography a note with the subject "Notes for Jo" (cut off date July 21st 23rd).  Refrain from comments like "get well soon" as we do not know her health and it may not be appropriate for the situation.  If you just want to say some kind words and let Jo know she is loved and missed on deviantART.

Thank you,


Update from Zev!

The project will still continue as planned.  Please still refrain from using comments such as "Get well soon" as we do not know the severity of her situation or whether or not those statements would be insensitive.  Though I am sure she would not mind.  The details of her health are private, I am just glad she is alive and planning to come back to us as soon as she is able.  
Much love to everyone!

Winners of the Thumb Contest....

Thu Jun 20, 2013, 3:07 PM

A hearty congratulations to

Runners up, im-not-sana and CypherVisor for their wonderful contributions to the thumb snippets.
Thumb Snippet Entry - All Extruded by CypherVisorCircular Lit and Visual Thumb Snippet by im-not-sana

First Place Winner

It was tough judging this contest, thankfully I was not alone.  Thank you's to neurotype and miontre for judging.  You've both been a big help through out the contest.  Despite our different tastes, our hands down winner was SimplySilent with this wonderful thumb snippet:
Simple and Clean Thumbs Snippet by SimplySilent
It is a clean and versatile design that would easily fit into any journal.  The hovers are subtle but effective, transparent padding with a thin outline and shadow really make the images pop without distracting from the image itself.

Every entry in this contest was beyond superb.  Thank you everyone who entered.  And an even bigger thank you to those who contributed to the prize pool!  


Forgotten Memories Journal CSS by SimplySilentSnow Days Journal CSS by SimplySilentSimplicity Journal Skin CSS by SimplySilentSimply Blue Journal CSS by SimplySilent
Dream Cloud Skin v.2 by im-not-sanaJournal Skin Design Template by im-not-sanaLindsey Way Skin by im-not-sana
Elegantic Gallery Skin by CypherVisorMovember Journal Skin by CypherVisore-CARBON Journal CSS Final by CypherVisor

View all of the Entries here:

Prizes will be handed out soon, I will contact all the prize givers


Fri Jun 14, 2013, 5:42 PM
Branch by Branch by Dawns-Envy

the burn pile by savannahlorraine

TwisTed by genr

wrist hurts in color by beckycloonan

In other words....  I threw branches into a pile and twisted my wrist and now it hurts.

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?

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Happy Birthday SilverPixiGirl

Sun May 26, 2013, 2:05 AM
It's SilverPixiGirl's birthday (she's 113 years old :iconshakecaneplz:).  Please wish her a happy birthday!!!!  Please shower her with sparkles, fluffy things, Star Trek and Doctor Who.

Happy birthday!!!!!


Thumb Snippet Entries

Sat May 18, 2013, 10:23 PM

Thumb Snippet Contest

This contest is for beginning coders and pro's alike.  I will provide your asset, an installable thumb snippet blank.  The code will have standard thumb/big thumb, small thumbs, cancel thumb, lit thumbs, embedded deviation, embedded lit, and embedded video.  You do not have to code all of them.

Add backgrounds, borders, curves, hovers, fancy, minimalistic...  Anything you'd like.  You must upload your snippet as an installable skin deviantART Related / deviantART Skins & Scripts / Journal & Gallery Skins / Installable Journal Skins  free for all to use.  Then (submit to favorites folder???) note GillianIvy or reply on this post the link to your entry.  All entries must be created after the date of this contest.  Deadline is May 30th.

Examples Codes

The following examples are a guideline to show what you can do.  You are not limited to these.  I've written them out to be an easy reference for newbie coders so they can follow the proper syntax.  property:variable; Everything must be written in lowercase, otherwise it will not validate.  You must separate the property from the variables with ":" and end each variable with ";".  If you have mutliple variables in one property, they must be separated by ",".  The order of variables as in the padding and margin examples is clockwise: top, right, bottom, left.

    Basic properties

  • border:#ffffff 1px solid;
  • background:#ffffff url(img.jog);
  • padding:4px 4px 4px 4px;
  • margin:4px 4px 4px 4px;
  • vertical-align:middle;

Adding a Hover

To add a hover, simply write the div name where you want the hover and follow with ":hover".
The goal of this contest is to make all the variations of codes pertaining to images, deviations and videos be standardized.  I will keep the blank snippet as a resource after the contest is finished and will update it as changes to deviantART's thumb codes are found.

Assets & Resources

You can use any stock/resources you like in this, however you must be within stock provider's guidelines for contest use.  You may use the gradient generator for background colors.  Please provide a link to it if you have.  

CSS Snippet

What is included: Standard thumb code (which works for big thumbs), small thumbs, cancel thumb style, lit thumbs, embedded deviation, embedded lit and embedded video style.
Multi Thumbstyles CSS Template by GillianIvy

Recommended Resources



  • First Place - 800 :points: - GillianIvy + 253 :points: pending (donation pool)
All winners will receive Journal Features from eschlehahn Journal Features + :iconllama1plz: from WDWParksGal, Feature in Monthly Winners Journal + :iconllama1plz: + Gallery inclusion +  (via CGPoints ) from ContestsAndGiveaways and Journal Features from lintu47.
Donation Pool
  • 253 :points: (donations via premium contents are anonymous, or donate via donation pool)

(Extended) Deadline  June 13th, 2013

Submit to this Gallery Installable Journal Skins


All entries must be received as an installable skin.  This way users can quickly use your thumb snippet to customize their own journals.  If you give permission for others to include in their journal designs, notate in your artist's comments.  You do not have to install the Asset,which has all the alternate code options.
Thanks for reading, good luck to all participants and check out the new group CSS-DYK for CSS tips and tricks!

Snippet tip: You can code all the styles to match each other in one code.  Write your divs all in a tiered line, separating them by a comma.  CSS-DYK: Tiered Classes
.shadow-holder, .embedded-deviation, iframe, .daembed{
border:#ffffff 1px solid;

The Sweetest Thing!

Wed May 1, 2013, 5:50 AM
Thank you TehAngelsCry for the nomination!  I'm gushing.  And thank you LadyLincoln for holding such a wonderful community award for Sweetest Deviant.  I'm honored to be nominated :D  I love you guys!  I was selected as a runner up, grats to Endorell-Taelos for being the Sweetest Deviant of 2013!

So-sweet-award by mirz-alt
 :iconso-sweet-plz::iconmirz-alt:  mirz-alt made these wonderful award badges.  Thank you, Mirz!!!

Feature Love

Vampire Princess by mirz-alt

Celestial Teaparty by TehAngelsCry

Who will be there to catch me when I fall? by Endorell-Taelos

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Unauthorized (Updated)

Thu Apr 25, 2013, 11:00 PM
I just found a commissioned tattoo design I made several years ago on a free tattoo wallpapers site :|  There seems to be a lot of deviantART artists' work on this site.  I did not give permission for my art to be shared there (especially not with their Terms of Use)
You may use the wallpapers from only by following these rules:
You may:
--download and use the wallpapers for single personal use only
--print the wallpapers for personal use
--use wallpapers in your non-commercial works as long as you provide a link to my site and give me a credit. 
--post thumbnails of wallpapers with a link to the wallpaper page (example:, do not link directly to the full-size wallpaper (example:
It also claims copyright permissions and grants redistribution:

Tattoos © All rights reserved.
All tattoo wallpapers found at are for your personal, educational and non-commercial use only. By visiting this site you are granted a license to download and use wallpapers on your personal computer (or any other device) and to share them with third parties.

My original artwork, designed for Gregg Maclain
Maclain's Elephant by GillianIvy
Update, my image has been taken down by moderator, Jovan Milutinovic

And "Mad Elephant on Back Legs Tattoo Wallpaper"  I did not consent to these permissions, nor do I agree with them.  I urge everyone to check this site for work you know and contact the artists to see if they are aware of this.

List of contacted Artists

Please comment with thumb code for any artists you contacted to inform them of redistribution issue.
skull by Pezquicover design by karlinoboySerinth by KevinLeiteMeticulous Hummingbird by KevinLeiteWolf Tattoo Design by RainingStarlightTattoo by kitkit9aztec tattoo design/logo design by DerrickLKimbowa:thumb367210950:tattoo idea by forever-broken92Platypus Detail by Woodlolbarn owl by ThepuredirtyInfinity Wolf and Cat Tattoo by samo-chanDragonthing by AtukoManga:thumb368355570:Marilyn by alexsaurusMy Cherry Blossom Tattoo by SablewyndSnarling Wolf Head Tattoo by CaptainMorwenSquid by EdgarGoreMary Jane by shazzabeanskull and bird tattoo designs by eder1985

Text to note the artist:

I found your artwork on a free tattoo wallpaper site which claims copyright permission of your work as well as grants redistribution to third parties.  

I've compiled a journal with more details:


:iconmilanmann: :iconmilyedesings:Whois  Registered by Milan Petrovic in 2011 via godaddy, 17 other domians for ip: 3 of which are wallpaper sites which may have more copyright infringement.  Milan Petrovic on deviantART, I found a few accounts, one is a photographer who is very good and has no 'tattoo art' in his favorites and no connection to the 17 domains.   I think the accounts listed are alternate accts.

 :icongdragondesign: Another was a wordpress designer, whom I think is the owner.  Golden Dragon Web Studio  Which is owned by: Milan Petrovic which you see connects him to the tattoo-wallpapers website and the other sites.

Do NOT harass this person on deviantART please.  There is no guarantee that it is him.  Please do contact artists.

Is your art posted without your consent?

Contact their site moderator to request that it be taken down.  Be sure to include the link to your artwork.  They took down my image in less than 24 hours.  Please share this journal in order to help artists find their art and have it removed.  Some artists may be okay with their art displayed there, but may still like to know that their art has been redistributed.  (there is a direct download on their site, not to deviantART)  Even though the artist is credited as the creator, they are claiming copyright and granting permissions.

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Emergency Broadcast System

Mon Apr 8, 2013, 9:13 PM
This is a test to see.....  Whatever I shall see.  What do we have here?  :nod:

Alpha Testing on my Journal

Tue Apr 2, 2013, 2:13 PM
This is a test.  redacted because I am a total noob
Idris by GillianIvy
Idris agrees that is awesome
Now, this is my first time alpha testing and as someone who does a lot of journal skinning and uses all the features in journal editing, this has me full of anticipation and fear....  Here's to hoping I don't break my dA.  Lookit my new badge!… 

Let's check out some subheadings!

Unfortunately, I still had to enter that manually.  So, let's check out a list then, shall we?

    Favorite Doctor, companion and first?

  1. Eleven
  2. Ace
  3. Number Four

After submitting this, I will attempt to edit.  So far, so good!...

Okay, selected edit and re-submitting, here goes!

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Snow Days

Wed Mar 6, 2013, 11:32 AM
Yay, I  love the snow!  Built a snow man this morning, which was instantly kicked down by my six year old....  Oh well, I guess playing in the snow was mostly for him.  He didn't really 'help'.  Other than to smoosh its head and put on an arm (which he pulled back out) and he tried to make a face on it.  His Lego men do not fare any better.  He takes the hands off!  I didn't even know the hands came off.  He was mostly interested in throwing snowballs at me and the snow man.  We had a talk about if it were other kids and he destroyed their snow man they wouldn't be very happy.  Maybe next time we will make one with the intent of destroying it.  Or have him ask to destroy it.  Was kind of a fail looking snow man any ways.

Apparently, I never learned to make snow men properly.  I always just piled and packed.  But my bf says you're supposed to roll them.  ;P  Do you have a perfect, infallible method of building snow men?  I always loved Calvin & Hobbes.  Which inspired a creation when I was about 14.  I built a cannibal snow man who was eating the head of the snow man beside him.  I used red Kool-Aid to color the snow.  Wish I had a picture of that.  I need better gloves.  Mine are leather and knit, which the snow just sticks to, and my hands get wet.

I bet he'd like making snow forts.  Okay, the real reason for this babbling journal about snow is to change my front page skin....  ;P

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Little Dungeon Defender

Thu Jan 10, 2013, 9:36 PM
Yay!  My son got featured on Dungeon Defender's Weekly Digest!  silverbane and I made him this awesome Squire costume ;D

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Happy New Year's

Mon Dec 31, 2012, 6:15 PM
This holiday season has had its share of disappointments.  Hopefully, next year will be better.  Starting tomorrow!  Happy New Year's to all my dA friends.  This quickie skin was mean to have a transition top, but alas, that is not yet enabled.  Boo.  So, I animated the header instead.  Not the same effect, I am not skilled at animation.  I wanted a slide top to bottom on hover.  So not continuous.  Well, I just made this in order to coordinate with my redesigned front page.  Go look at it.  ;P

So I see there is a commissions custom box now available.  I've added in a few of my packages.  My commissions info has been under construction for some time.  Well, you can all be rest assured, once transitions  is enabled, I'll be all over that.  Yes, everything will have a transition!  :evillaugh:

I need a nice looking font before I just go leave this.  "Oxygen" will do.

Don't mind my slightly grumpy mood.  We had a good Christmas for the most part.  We saved up all our money to buy our son presents.  He had a great day.  The end wasn't so great, but our son had a blast.  So that's all that really mattered.

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Journal Set for ginkgografix's Annual CSS Calendar

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus quis augue et augue congue malesuada vel nec nibh. Fusce eget urna felis, ac ornare metus. Aenean ullamcorper erat justo. Aenean felis libero, euismod nec semper tempus, imperdiet quis sapien. Aliquam vitae mauris lectus, at convallis sem. Pellentesque venenatis odio ut nunc interdum at commodo nisl convallis. Vivamus sit amet faucibus massa. Nunc vitae venenatis urna. In vehicula, augue bibendum laoreet commodo, felis arcu scelerisque dui, vel lobortis justo tortor id enim.

Sed cursus arcu eu erat dictum in sagittis lacus consectetur. :iconginkgografix:

Praesent a  risus et sapien lacinia lacinia a ornare libero. Sed dui nulla, rutrum at malesuada id, viverra sit amet metus. Maecenas sed arcu nec orci auctor tempus ut eget urna. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Pellentesque nec lorem et urna venenatis facilisis. Pellentesque non felis ac nibh tempor aliquam.

.:Happy Stamp by ginkgografixBlue Stairs - Journal + Gallery Skin by ginkgografixNail Art: Silver Flower by ginkgografix .:Cherry Biscuit Cake by ginkgografix.:Just a Dreamer by ginkgografix

Sed pretium dui vel magna venenatis consequat.

Suspendisse pretium, dui eget commodo aliquet, felis mi aliquet sem, a egestas dolor augue quis purus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed sit amet ullamcorper orci. Integer pretium imperdiet faucibus. Phasellus eget ligula eget mi egestas vestibulum non nec ipsum. In tristique auctor augue. Nullam ornare, nisl id elementum consectetur, nulla nulla mollis quam, convallis bibendum elit mi ac metus. Duis ac accumsan urna.  Morbi lacinia euismod commodo. Vestibulum sagittis tempor neque non viverra. Mauris sed mi lacus, eu convallis dolor. Duis commodo nisi non elit posuere auctor. Praesent commodo ullamcorper ipsum, eu pellentesque  orci lacinia imperdiet. Maecenas neque turpis, venenatis eu sodales tincidunt, aliquam vitae ante.

Subheading 4

Etiam accumsan nunc vitae justo iaculis a volutpat mauris dignissim. Nunc blandit, orci vitae elementum suscipit, odio magna lacinia nunc, a pretium purus urna a velit. Mauris ut purus quis turpis laoreet malesuada id ultricies velit. Donec tempor gravida odio, ac rutrum magna  convallis a. Phasellus laoreet mattis vehicula. Praesent sit amet elit id mauris malesuada porttitor in eu risus. Curabitur ac velit purus, at elementum leo. Duis mi quam, hendrerit sed pharetra sollicitudin, volutpat sed felis. Nam metus velit, faucibus feugiat gravida et, eleifend et urna. Suspendisse sed est ipsum, in convallis eros. Mauris gravida adipiscing facilisis. Nulla sollicitudin massa eget urna blandit  eget pellentesque nunc accumsan.

Subheading 5
Nulla facilisi. Duis erat turpis, elementum eget consequat sed, sodales ac est. Integer fringilla dapibus lacus venenatis gravida. Praesent et pellentesque eros. Fusce facilisis, ipsum gravida faucibus auctor, orci ipsum pretium dui, eu laoreet tortor risus eu dolor. Aliquam erat volutpat. Mauris accumsan, magna eu congue adipiscing, lectus nibh congue lectus, quis posuere nisi enim sit amet neque. Etiam vehicula accumsan scelerisque.
Subheading 6
Donec quis cursus elit. Vivamus non nisi eget dolor faucibus tristique vitae vel lorem. Nullam id dui at lectus elementum scelerisque. Phasellus venenatis viverra diam vel lobortis. Donec quis lacinia ligula. Mauris tincidunt malesuada dapibus.
Bold, Strong, Italics, Emphasis, Underline, Strikethrough, Insert, Acronym, Abbreviation, Code, Teletype, SuperScript, SubScript and Small.

    Unordered List

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
    • child
    • child

    Ordered List

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
    • child
    • child

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger

Starring David Tennant