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September 21, 2010
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Speak Pink Journal Installable by GillianIvy Speak Pink Journal Installable by GillianIvy

For some reason, the alignment of the thumbs went all wonky. Here's the fix:

Replace .shadow-holder img{} with the following

.shadow-holder img{
padding:5px 13px 5px 0;

The padding and the left/top alignments is what has changed. The old ones need to be removed. The .shadow-holder is at the bottom of the code, should be easy to find.

Sorry for inconvenience.

This is my entry for the Think Pink V contest held by `JunkbyJen

This is the installable version. For the journal CSS category.

View it live in my journal:


Also, I altered it for use as a feature only journal. I may upload the altered version as an installable skin as well. It'll have some fine tuning to do, as I just piece mailed it together out of the skin to display my thumbs.


Journal instructions:

<p> formatting must be used around the journal text </p>

~no div, just p format, easy to remember, no code to figure out ;D

Thumbs go in the FOOTER in a div labeled </>div class="thumb">:thumb####:</div>

~the thumbs are formatted using .shadow-holder, so there's no extra divs or anything. There aren't really much mention of these in the CSS groups that I know of, so I might do a simple tutorial for thumb bgs in the future. You may have seen mini-thumbs where they use that field to change the size, hover, etc. This is simply another use of that. You can even add hovers.

~Note on thumbs. They are in the footer, do not put in your journal text or header. However, you can change the qty or omit them entirely. I recommend no more than 3, though 4 should still fit. In IE, the journal size is fixed, therefore, if you add more than 3, they may get cut off. In Mozilla, the journal will scale, but really, will start to look silly if you have more than 4. 2 looks best, as it doesn't cover up the talk bubble design.

Please leave the skin credit where it is, I made it small and inconspicuous, so it doesn't detract from the design.

This journal is free to use for everyone. As is the coordinating avatar ribbon I created, a png tube which you can place over your own avatar image to show your support.

I will soon be taking commission for journal skins for points, I'll post the rates and details in my journal.

~This journal works in both IE and Mozilla, optimized for Mozilla.


Rounded corners only show up in Mozilla.
Journal is fixed height and width in IE and left floating, whereas in Mozilla it scales and is centered.
Thumb sizes are fixed at 100px height in IE, however are max height/width 100px in Mozilla, what this means is that smaller images will look stretched in IE but fine in Mozilla.

One last note, the preview image shows the text box slightly outside of the talk bubble, I have since edited that, view live version. If you have a small amount of text, there will be no scroll on the right, so will not be an issue.
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~:heart: One of my final Critiques brought to you. :heart:~

Well, this really caught my eye there. I've seen this design many times before (hence the 3.5 for Originality. Sorry ^^'), and I've always found it cute. This, though, brings the picture somewhere new, and it still retains the wonder of the original idea.

I think the speech balloon was a really great idea. It makes the skin "shout" and "be unique". The frames are great to act as, well, frames.

The creamy-pinkish white background makes a great combination with the balanced pink and black. One of my most favourite colour-combos. I would also like to comment on the pastel-like texture of the colours. It's so traditional, and yet it seems so modern. Swirls and random dots are my type of boarders or fill-ups.

Sum-it-up: Amazing work! I see no such problem with this skin - especially since it aims to support a campaign against disease. Although, I admit, I've had a little trouble patching it up to my journal. Well done, I look forward to more of your designs.

Enjoy the Critique. :heart:
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